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50-206 Aquastar Nano Bio Tech ORP Alkaline Water System

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50-206 Aquastar Nano Bio Tech ORP Alkaline Water System New Products for October 50-206 Aquastar Nano Bio Tech ORP Alkaline Water System New Products for October 50-206 Aquastar Nano Bio Tech ORP Alkaline Water System New Products for October

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Are you drinking enough water each day?
Most people know we only need water when we feel thirsty. Did you know that water is good for your body? Did you know that 70% of adults' bodies are made up of water? Although 8 glasses of water is recommended by doctors, drinking too much can cause serious health problems.
Water is essential for our health and well-being. Many people don't realize that water has other properties that can help you live a healthy lifestyle.
There are certain factors that water we drink must be considered:
Water should provide essential nutrients and minerals for your body. Some water sources may contain trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are recommended by doctors.
Water should balance the acidic waste in your body. In other words, acid waste is produced by our bodies' tissues. Our tissues gradually deteriorate when these acid wastes build up, due to stress, pollution and modern diet. This acid condition is associated with chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Our acidic state should be balanced by water that is alkaline.
Water should be able to resist oxidation, just like a natural stream. It doesn't take anyone to tell that you want a body which creates cells and not destroys them.
You should have clean water. There can be more than 2000 contaminants in a glass of ordinary tap water.
Your water must be high in Oxygen. Our living environment has been made more polluted by the growth of factories, people, and traffic, as well as the destruction of Ozone Layer. It is essential to drink water that is high in oxygen. These improve brain intelligence and calm the nervous system.
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of water filter systems available?
There are many water filtration systems available in the area.
We are certain that after reading these facts about drinking water, you will not have any difficulty choosing the right water system for your health.
AQUASTARNANO BIOTECH ORP Alkaline Water SYSTEM is the most recent technology in Japanese alkaline water filter systems! This water system delivers the highest satisfactions, according to us! The natures of water include:
  • pH 8.5 Alkaline
  • Essential minerals and nutrients
  • With Oxygen
  • Rich in Negative Ion.
  • The ORP Function is available with Anti-Oxidation.
  • With Energy
  • Water molecules of small size
AQUASTAR uses the finest mineral substances due to its well-designed and intake. KDF-55 is a new technology ceramic. It includes Titanium Alloy and Tourmaline as well as Nano Silver, 1st grade Carbon, and Titanium Alloy. Two natural materials, Titanium Alloy and Tourmaline in Aquastar, need to be highlighted and stressed. These materials are very rare in modern water filters. The selling price for these materials is also incredible.

Tourmaline stone The Nature's source for Far-Infrared and Negative Ions
Tourmaline is well-known for being one of the few minerals that naturally emit far infrared heat. The body vibrates at the same frequency that water because of the resonance created by tourmaline. Our nervous system is cleansed by the cleansing energy of tourmaline. It has a cleansing and stabilizing effect.
Research on tourmaline is now a major focus at universities and research centres around the world.
 Infrared Tourmaline, the only mineral that can show permanent electricity on earth, is also a natural source of NEGATIVE ions and far infrared rays (FIR). It has been shown to improve circulation, relieve stress, increase mental alertness, and strengthen the immune system (Niwa Institute for Immunology Japan). Int J. Biometeorol 1993 Sep. 37(3):133-8.
It was discovered in Japan in 1986 that tourmaline had a positive and negative electrode. The electrodes were not destroyed by boiling tourmaline at 1000 degrees Celsius. It was also found that tourmaline crystals with negative and positive electrodes had low electrical activity of 0.06mA when connected together.
What are Negative Ions?
Ions are molecules with an electric charge that has been gained or lost, giving them either a positive charge or a negative charge. Technology and machines can produce positive ions. Positive ions are produced by technology and machines, such as computers, televisions and refrigerators. Negative ions counteract the exhausting effects of positive ions. They have also been shown to be extremely ''positive'' for immunity and mood.
Doctoral research by Dr. Chonbein, Germany's Nobel Medicine Prize winner, suggests that human living environments in terms of their negative ion content are directly related to human health. Air negative ions are used to evaluate environmental quality.
The benefits of negative ions
The direct effect of negative ions on promoting health:
(A). The activity of cells
  • The exchange of cells inside and out, nutrition, and oxygen delivery to cells.
  • Discharge of carbon dioxide and waste
(B) Blood purification
  • Promoting active, hazardous and toxic wastes and substances, including free radicals
  • Maintain a state that is free from blood contamination, eliminate blood contamination, and improve blood circulation
  • Reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis by suppressing the direct function serum cholesterol.
(C). The resumption or fatigue
Physical recovery is key to eliminating the fatigue factor.
(D). The stability of the autonomic nervous systems
To prevent or cure disease, adjust the autonomic functions.
(E). Enhance disease resistance
  • People feel happy, positive, and progressive. This helps to improve immunity, overcome diseases, and build a solid foundation.
  • This increases the blood gammaglobulin level to increase the body's resistance.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of white blood.
  • Increase the function of leukocytes phagocytosis bacteria. Infectious diseases play the role of adjuvant therapy. This helps to increase the body's resistance to disease.
(F). Inhibition of cancer cells
The human body absorbs the negative ions. This causes the pulmonary capillary blood to charge the blood flow. In turn, the entire water cycle is affected. It promotes a positive spirit, a healthy mind, and stability. This helps to decrease fatigue and improve work efficiency.
(G) Analgesic effect
Rheumatism, arthritis, and other conditions will cause pain every day. Even healthy people would feel the effects of rainy days, such as depression, headaches, and brain expansion. However, if negative ions are inhaled at this point, the body will soon correct the imbalance and provide analgesic effects.
(H). Improve allergy
It has been confirmed that food allergies can cause negative ions in the respiratory system. There are two ways to increase your resistance to these allergens: adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous systems and increase your immunity.
(I) Promote human longevity
  • There are many physiological characteristics that can accelerate the aging process. Inhaling negative ions from the air can also reduce the central nervous system.
  • Eliminate the risk of free and inactivated radicals. Slow down or inhibit the process of oxidation.

What's Titanium Alloy?

Titanium Alloy has the best ORP System Function. Titanium Alloy is a special metal with a light texture but very strong, and it will never rust or become allergic to the body. The TA titanium silver metallic has a proportion of 4.5. It has a melting point of 1668 degrees C and a boiling point of 3287. It has 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter. Platinum's melting point of 1750 degrees is very close. At room temperature, titanium metal remains inactive. It is stable in the air. The titanium metal's surface lost its luster in 250. As the temperature rises, the oxide layer thickens rapidly. 1200. This is when the formation of titanium oxide began to occur. Over 800, the reaction between titanium, nitrogen, hydrogen, and water vapor is carbon dioxide.

The health benefits of Titanium Alloy for the human body:

  • The ORP system/The best rejuvenate element has the best anti-oxidation and anti-aging function.
  • Reduce muscle tension and improve performance in sports.
  • Enhance the immune system and reduce headaches, foot, back, and joint pain.
  • It is very beneficial to the human body and extremely safe and fit.
  • It helps to increase blood circulation and metabolic effects.
  • Acidic body can cause cell death.
  • Eliminates the fatal element - the human body's free radicals

What's an ORP System?

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP water is water that is produced from tap water using the Electrolysis function. It can remove free radicals from the body by using the large amount of reactive hydrogen. This water is able to improve health, immune system, and body resistance. The ionize ORP Water is also high in oxidation resistance and rich in mineral substance. This makes bones healthier, maintains youth and gives us a better quality of life.

ORP can be described as a ''potential'' source of energy that has been stored and is ready to use. Although it may not work, we know the energy exists and can measure it. One way to see this potential is to look at pressure. You can measure the pressure inside a balloon if you blow it up. The pressure can be measured as long as the balloon remains closed. This potential energy is converted to kinetic energy when it's released.

Potential energy is measured in electrical terms. When we refer to ORP using the term ''potential'', we actually mean electrical potential expressed in millivolts. An ORP meter measures this potential in water. The very slight voltage you measure in water is what you are measuring. The specific electrical charge of an oxidizing or reducing agent is what we are measuring. This is Oxidation Potential. Alkaline water with a high pH has more ''reducing'' agents (ORP), while acidic water with a lower pH has more oxidizing agents (ORP).

Every day, we see oxidation. One of the most obvious examples is a piece of iron turning brown or an apple slice turning brown. The process of oxidation ''steals electrons'' from the surface being oxygenated. The oxidizing potential of something is measured in +ORP. It measures the amount of OH+ ions and oxidizing agents.

An ''oxidizing'' agent is simply a substance that slows down or inhibits oxidation. This is done by ''donating an electron''. The oxidation reduction potential of something is measured in terms of the -ORP. It measures the concentrations of OH-ions or other reducing agents. A reducing agent, in its simplest form, is an ''antioxidant''. This refers to reducing oxidation.

What are some of the benefits of ORP water?

Three characteristics distinguish ORP water from other common water are:

  • It has a richer alkalinity dissolution material substance, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. It eliminates chlorine, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other harmful ions.
  • The ORP water reduces the average water molecular group from 13 to 6. This causes water molecular changes in the turnover cell.
  • The ORP has been reversed from +500mv down to -250mv -450mv. This could be helpful in eliminating the excess of FREE RADICAL.
  • Free radical is the main element that affects human aging. OPR water has the most effective anti-oxidation and anti-aging function.


Alkaline water is more acidic than regular tap water. Alkaline water refers to water that has a pH higher than 7. pH7 is neutral. pH is the power or potential to Hydrogen. It indicates the hydrogen density of alkaline and acid water. Water becomes alkaline when it has higher levels of hydroxyl ions (OH) and water becomes acidic (H+).

Normal blood pH values are between 7.35 and 7.45. A pH lower than 7.35 indicates that the body is between health and disease. This is known as the Acidic Physique. Acidic physique can cause fatigue, backache, and other symptoms. You may not be able to find any problems when you visit the hospital. If you don't pay attention to the improvement, it could become a disease.

Only the former Soviet Union Caucasus longevity community is free of cancer. Even the incidence rate for adult common sick disease is very low in this area. This area could boast a population of more than 100 years old. How is it possible for only those living in longevity villages to live longer? The water that the longevity village resident drinks is small molecular grouping alkaline water. The activated water is made up of small molecules water that contain massive amounts of kinetic energy. This means that the velocity is very fast.

The active water activates every cell in the body when it is absorbed. It can also carry more beneficial nutrients to the human body. The mineral substance and oxygen enter each cell and cleans it. This can promote cell growth and make the human body cells more active and energized.

Alkaline water is able to balance the pH and alkalinity of the body fluids, neutralize acidic toxin and activate cells, thereby increasing organism's resistance to disease. This is how longevity and healthy longevity can be achieved!

The pH scale is used to determine the acidity and alkalinity in the human body. A PH value of 7.3-7.8 indicates a low-alkaline healthy physique. A PH value below 7.35 signifies that you are sub-healthy. If you have symptoms of some illnesses, but are not yet suffering from them, a pH value below 7.2 indicates that your body is acidic or alkaline. A PH value of 7.3 -7.8 is considered healthy, and a PH value lower than 7.35 is considered sub-healthy. According to the World Health Organization, 100% of diabetics are acidic. However, diabetes later period syndrome is actually acidosis.


The alkaline water offers many benefits to the human body.


  • Enhanced Body Resistance
    This water has a 100% bacteriostasis rating, which means it can resist bacteria and detoxify harmful wastes after entering the body.

  • Adjusts pH of the human body
    The body fluid can be adjusted to alkalinity to enhance immunity function. This helps low-alkaline people to easily eliminate acid waste. Even if they do get sick, it is easy for them to recover quickly. These people are usually good at multi-appetites and have lots of energy.

  • Improves family life
    Alkaline water can be used for all family activities, such as making soups and cooking porridge. It makes vegetables taste great, and it is sour.

  • Detoxification
    Alkaline water can help detoxify the body. The body can become more acidic from years of poor diet and stress. This can cause inflammation, low energy, immune suppression, and other serious health problems. Alkaline water can be used to neutralize acidity and remove acid waste products from cells.

  • Antioxidant Benefits
    Alkaline water is an antioxidant. It neutralizes and scavenges harmful free-radicals. Alkaline water can give up electrons and effectively block free-radical damage. Alkaline water is able to find free-radicals, and convert them into oxygen that your body can use to produce energy and oxygenate tissues.

  • Fluid replacement is essential for optimal physical performance.

  • Electrolyzed water reduces active oxygen and protects DNA against oxidative damage.

  • Diabetes patients experience a decline in blood sugar levels.

  • Improved liver function tests in patients with hepatic diseases

  • Improvements in gastroduodenal ulcers and prevention of recurrences

  • Improvements in allergy discorders like asthma, urticaria and rhinites, as well as otopic dermatitis.

  • Improvements in hypertension, and hypotension

  • Newborn babies experience an increase in their serum bilirubin levels.

  • It is effective for improving osteogenesis in the absence of sufficient calcium.

  • They demonstrated anti-cancer properties by suppressing the growth of cancer cells that were transplanted into mice.

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